Unlike the harsh tattooing of the past, our signature, micro-pigmenting, Feather Tattoo brow technique, can transform sparse brows into beautifully natural-looking, symmetrical arches.

Mimicking real brow hair, our Micro Feather Tattoo technique can be individually customised for your face and features to achieve elegant, face-framing brows that look flattering, youthful and natural.

Suitable for sparse and patchy eyebrows, gaps, uneven and poorly shaped brows, our Micro Feather Tattoo technique can subtly colour brows, or completely remodel them with intricately etched hair strokes.

Using a metal hand tool, hypo-allergenic pigment is etched into the skin in fine hair-like strokes. Lasting up to two years*, the procedure is pain free with minimal downtime.   

Transform your face with beautifully natural-looking, symmetrical brows.

*Results may vary dependent on exposure to sun and resistance to pigment.


Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing



touch up (4-6 weeks after initial treatment)



Touch Up (12-18 months after initial treatment)

$200-$300 *Depends on tattoo quality