Why Choose Laser Hair Removal with The Beauty Company?
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Laser Hair Removal is our Specialty 

We have all been enticed by the $24 Brazilian/underarm laser promotions and laser hair removal offers that pop up online, but what are we actually getting for that $24? Are we getting a thorough consultation? Are we being educated about the treatment we are about to undergo? Are we being told that after the 6 treatment promotional package that we purchased to receive the promotion is over, we will need another 6-10 treatments?


I am finding that there are an increasing amount of laser clinics offering these promotions but falling short when it comes to providing a service worth more than $24. These days every clinic has a “Medical Grade" Laser or IPL machine, so what sets The Beauty Company apart?


     1. Laser Hair Removal Results:

When you purchase a laser treatment or package you expect results. We hear all too often of clients who have been having laser treatment for years, and we aren’t talking about being on maintenance treatments for years. Clients have been undergoing laser procedures (at other clinics) every 6-8 weeks for years. It blows our mind! Our machine guarantees 80% reduction after just four treatments! When it comes to laser the less we see you the better! 


     2. Tailored, Custom Consultations:

We understand that not everybody is the same, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all, and you are not just another client to us. Our consultations are completely tailored to get you the result you are after. We assess your skin and your hair to create a treatment plan just for you to ensure you are not buying sessions you don’t need. 


     3. Laser Treatment Safety:

Safety is one of our main priorities. We partner with Syneron Candela for all our laser treatments, Syneron Candela has a high safety profile and a great reputation, and they are an industry leader when it comes to safety and excellent service in the laser treatment field. The Beauty Company will never cut corners when it comes to our customers' skin and safety.


If you need more proof, let the genuine Syneron Candela results and our client testimonials do the talking!


Before and after photographs taken 4 weeks after just 2 laser hair removal treatments.

Photos belong to Syneron Candela

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I have been a waxing client of The Beauty Co for a while now and during one of my appointments Natasha asked if I had ever thought about laser? I had definitely thought about it but was put off thinking about the pain and price! Natasha proceeded to tell me once I finish a course of treatments it ends up being cheaper than having regular waxing treatments. I took the plunge and booked my consult and appointment! I have since had 5 laser hair removal treatments with Natasha and am so happy with my results! The girls are experienced and very thorough. I am so glad I made the decision to have it done!

      - Emma, long time client of the Beauty Co.

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